We establish connections. Our clusters are globally supported by interlinked networks in important industrial countries.

Automotive Nordwest e.V.

The cluster Automotive Nordwest aims at increasing the fame of the north-western region as an automotive centre of competence. Furthermore, the establishment of networks will make improved economic relations possible and an effective exchange of experience will be easier. Through various events, knowledge transfer will be actively fostered and participants have the possibility to get to know each other in person and to make new contacts.

ITS mobility e.V.

The association ITS mobility e. V. is one of the largest mobility networks of northern Germany. Especially small and medium-sized companies can establish relations with industrial companies, research and administrative institutions with the help of ITS. Both sides benefit from this, as the exchange within the network creates a basis for joint research and development projects on one hand, and on the other hand, it also brings new business relations to live. ITS represents its members’ interests through the membership in regional and national competence networks.

Kompetenzzentrum Automotive der Ems-Achse

The alliance Kompetenzzentrum Automotive der Ems-Achse, which was founded in 2006 with the objective of promoting the profiling of the economic region Ems-Achse (River Ems Axis), consists of companies, municipalities, associations, chambers and educational providers in East Frisia. For that purpose, joint projects are initiated and communication among the companies is fostered in order to tap the available potential through the existing knowledge. In the end, this strengthens the economic power of the entire region. The Kompetenzzentrum Automotive is expanded in close collaboration with the Cluster Automotive Nordwest, ITS mobility and Ems-Achse. The focus is put on establishing a network between the regional automotive suppliers’ industry, universities and research institutions.

AutOS Automotive-Netzwerk in der Region Osnabrück e.V.

The network, which was founded in 2015 by companies from the automotive sector of the Osnabrück region, aims at the further development of the automotive region Osnabrück. Apart from the establishment of a network and the transfer of knowledge and  technology between research and the economy, one clear objective is to increase the fame of its members and partners. Thus, the association is the voice of the entire regional automotive sector. In addition to that, member companies are actively supported in
recruiting and qualifying specialist and management personnel.